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                                         November - December Home Maintenance List

I gave you a substantial list of outdoor activities last month. This month, I realize that a lot of people are swapping seasonal clothes as well as getting holiday decorations out, so there is a focus on the attic and roof. If any repairs are needed, your handyman will appreciate the extra room!

⦁ Check the depth and evenness of your attic insulation. Tighten up any that is loose and ensure none is blocking soffit vents.
⦁ Look for any signs of roof leakages, mildew, or discoloration on the underside of the roof (roof inspection comes later in this list). Common areas include chimneys, vents, and valley areas. Look also for ventilation blockages.
⦁ Add weather stripping around drop down attic stairs / access.

Outside--we are starting to see colder temperatures, so special attention to your watering systems are called for:
⦁ Shut off all exterior faucets and store hoses for the winter.  Trust me, I have procrastinated on this chore and regretted it one frozen day...Wrap spouts in insulation.
⦁ Insulate pipes in unheated spaces such as garages & crawls with newspaper or rags.
⦁ Make sure well cover is tightly sealed to prevent pipes from freezing.
⦁ Drain in-ground sprinkler system.

Roof attention:

⦁ Take a look at your ceiling and note any discoloration.

⦁ Have a roofer out to inspect the condition and address any issues. If you need recommendations for professional roofers, please let me know. Check eaves for signs of moisture build-up or damage. Check the condition of the chimney and roof vents. Check flashing for signs of lifting or damage and repair or seal as needed. Blow roof off and clear any gutter blockages. Check ventilation openings for nests or blockages.

HVAC attention: 

Have your bi-annual service performed. If you need recommendations for professionals, please let me know.

Enjoy the beauty of this season!

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